So, you just moved to Montreal and are looking forward to pimping your new house. Or, maybe you haven’t moved just yet, but will be doing so soon. The one thig that will make all the difference in your house is furniture. Knowing where to get the best furniture simplifies everything, as all that’s left now is for you to walk into the store and select the perfect pieces for your space. In other words, when you know the best furniture stores in Montreal, you have your work cut out for you. Here’s a mild warning though: These are not your average, small-town store-at-the-corner-of-the-street outlets. These are massive showrooms with just about every furniture style and design on display. What does this mean for you? Other than the satisfaction of finding your dream furniture, these stores will school you on furniture trends and show a little of what the furniture industry is like around the world.

If you can’t get enough of Canadian furniture, Kastella is going to be your new favourite place. Each piece displayed at this store is locally made and a showcase of the extreme talent and skill that goes into designing and making this furniture. The store carries the complete range of home furniture. Tons of modern contemporary and traditional inspired pieces to choose from. Find more Canadian furniture at Domison, a leading furniture store that continually dares to push the boundaries of furniture and style. Domison furniture is exquisite and appeals to the souls who are tired of coming across the same designs of furniture in store after store. For more furniture made in Canada, check out the collections at Mikaza Home, ItalDivani and EQ3.

There appears to be no end to the creativity behind contemporary furniture. Every home, whether it’s a country house mansion, cabin, townhouse, studio or apartment, comes alive when one or two modern furniture pieces are added to the décor. Some of the best stores for modern furniture in Montreal include Eurostyle Furniture, a leading dealer in furniture and furnishing from Europe, located on Decarie Blvd; Avenue Design, specialists in trendy furniture; Casa Vogue, dealers in Italian furniture; Structube, whose furniture is the sum of carefully picked trendy designs from around the world; Avant Scene, with its mostly Italian, modern furniture; Cab Deco, Newell Furniture and Foresta Meubles.

For out-of-this-world reproductions, no one beats Barami or ReStore. Barami’s finishing touches give new life to any furniture, while ReStore’s competitive prices are unbeatable. If you’re looking for furniture with a more traditional edge, check out Style Labo, Artemano, Prillo, and Barrymore Furniture.

While some of these stores specialize in a specific style of furniture, most carry a combination of multiple furniture styles. You may consider yourself a contemporary furniture guy through and through, only to walk into one of these stores and be dazzled by a traditional sofa or reclaimed bedroom set. Montreal’s top furniture stores have plenty of surprises in store for every curious mind and eye. They’re certainly worth a look.